Our programs

Empowerment of Traditional Artisans / Coolie labourers:

Problem :

  • No access to institutional credit

  • Indebted to private money lenders

  • Mechanisation of traditional artisanal work lead to Unemployment

Intervention :

  • Mobilised traditional artisans men and women into Self Help Groups

  • Linked the SHG with commercial bank for credit linkage

  • Vision building workshop conducted to enable Artisan to fix their goal

Impact :

  • Thenkoodu artisan Federation formed.

  • Parambariya Kaivinai Thozhilalar Trade Union registered.

Empowerment of Women :

Problem :

  • Irregular income leads to poverty

  • Underutilisation of women power

  • Unskilled labourer

  • Domestic violence.

Intervention :

  • Women mobilised into Self Help Group

  • Vocational skill training on Aari work, Jarthosi making provided to women.

  • Credit linkage with commercial banks.

  • Training of women on women rights.


  • Women got access to credit

  • Women started finding employment in small petty business shops

  • Self-employment on fashion designing initiated.

Inclusion of marginalised children

Problem :

  • Poor learning skills of children

  • Potential to get drop-out from school

  • Unsafe behaviour among children

  • Exposed to violent / unhealthy behaviour of the adults

  • No role models for children

Interventions :

  • Evening study centre for children

  • Life skill training

  • Remedial education programme

  • Creative skill training

  • Children parliament and Children panchayat promoted

Impact :

  • 3187 school going children from 42 schools benefited from remedial education programme and improved learning skills

  • 1537 urban slum children supported through evening study centre.

  • Children participate in the society activity on issues affecting them.

  • 3 Village Child Protection Committees facilitated in Thiruverambur block.


COROAT has conducted “State of Menstrual Hygiene Management in India - Combating Silence from Menarche to Menopause” in collaboration with Sulab Sanitation Mission Foundation (SSMF), New Delhi.

The principal aim of the project is to break and combat the multiple silences over periods by bringing on board findings from people-centric and participatory research from India such that an ethical, context-sensitive and ethnographic intervention to fill up the gaps between policy and practice.

“She in He” livelihood promotion project for transperson

Problem :

  • Stigma and discrimination of transperson

  • Social exclusion of transperson and no participation in the society

  • Opportunities for education and employment is a challenge.

Intervention :

  • Mobilise transperson as “She in He” forum members.

  • Capacitate them on psychological well being and entrepreneurship promotion

  • Link them with existing subsidy oriented government schemes

  • Sensitise stakeholders on social inclusion of transperson

  • Promote employment opportunities for transperosn.

Impact :

  • 205 transperson from 6 districts of Tamil Nadu trained by COROAT

  • 10 self employment initiative developed

  • 37 application to avail subsidised PMEGP loan from District Industries centre made.

COVID Relief Activities
  • Distribution of books and sanitation kit to children

  • Sensitisation adolescent girls on child marriage

  • Distribution of food to street dwellers

Ms.Haseen Nayak receives Award for impacting transwomen in Pudukottai
  • Ms. Haseena Nayak, Trans-community leader for Pudukottai district was honoured by Actor Karthi, by Rupees One Lakh, for her determination and commitment in promoting the lives of transwomen from Pudukottai, engaging them in dignified livelihood and her leadership in stopping sex work in the district.