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Approved Under Income tax Act, 1861 Sec 80G, Certificate No 7162E(37) 2010-11/CIT-II/TRY
Coroat Trust

Welcome TO The COROAT

COROAT is a non-profit organization, registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, on 6.4.2009, by Mrs. M. Padmavathi and her likeminded friends.  COROAT’s registration number is 351/2009 and it has received income tax exemption under Income Tax Act sec 12AA and 80G.  Approval of COROAT under Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 2010 was made in October 2013 followed by renewal in 2018. Trust in Trichy . Best trust in trichy

Vision of the organization :

“Building a gender just, non-discriminatory, democratic, and humane society for women and children, and disadvantaged people of the society and ensure equal access to resources and sustainable livelihood for them.”

 Mission of the Organisation :

·        Mobilising the community together and form them into a forum / groups / federations to understand the power of unity.

·        Capacity building of deprived and marginalized community and enabling them to understand the realities around them and means of breaking their vulnerabilities.

·        Link the community forums with external institutions, existing government schemes to enable them to access resources available to them.

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What we do and to whom ?

COROAT is functioning to address the social evils in the form of child labour, child marriage, child delinquency, sexual abuse of children, lack of protection to children, lack of employment for coolie labourers, domestic violence of women and so on. The social evils against children, especially from the marginalised community are getting worsened by several factors. The burning issues faced by children day by day is making COROAT to intervene more for the empowerment of children from marginalised communities. COROAT is also strengthening people’s organisation as a protection mechanism for children, skill training to women, alternative employment opportunities for coolie labourers towards access to sustainable livelihood resources. The pandemic situation from 2020 has expanded COROAT's activities towards COVID relief by doing 'Annadanam'-Food distribution to street side dwellers, distribution of sanitary materials and books to children.

COROAT’s vision falls under the Sustainable Development Goals  - SDGs

1 No poverty, 2, No hunger, 3. Well-being, 4. Quality Education, 5 Gender equality, 8. Decent work for all, 17. Mechanisms and Partnerships to reach goals.


Direct Beneficiaries of COROAT programme

1.      Children between the ages of 0 – 18 years from Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu

2.      Unorganised workers from rural and urban areas of Tiruchirappalli district. This includes both men and women from the coolie labourers.

3.      Village level child protection committees, district level child protection unit responsible for the protection of children.

4.     Forums of unorganised workers in various forms exist to protect the rights of unorganised workers.

5.  Orphans and victims of COVID 19 

6. Organisations requiring development support in Education, Monitoring and Evaluation. 

Our strategic Interventions

Outreach Of COROAT


Schools reached


Children at Schools


Children from 10 slums


Adolescent - life skills


Marginalised women


Tradititional artisans

Strategic Intervention framework

Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of Women :

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Development of Children

Development of Children :

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Protection and Participation of Children

Protection and Participation of Children : ....

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Annadanam to street side dwellers

COROAT has initiated Annadanam to street dewllers during the lock ....

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