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Protection and Participation of Children

Protection and Participation of Children :

Children requires a protective environment for completing their childhood in a pleasant manner. Child labour, child marriage, consumption of drug / alcohol are various threats before children.  Considering school as the appropriate place for children COROAT took all efforts to retain children in school through various interventions.  Towards protection and participation of children COROAT has made following interventions:

·                  Training of children on child rights.

·                  Motivation to form children into forums

·                  Development of street play team among children to perform ill effects of child labour, child marriage, alcoholism and domestic violence.

·                  Motivated parents and community members to form themselves into a forum to protect children.

Outcome of the intervention :

·                  COROAT released publication on child rights.

·                  5 children parliament and 6 children panchayats were formed in urban and rural areas of Tiruchirapalli district.

·                  Promotion of Village Child Protection Committee (VCPC) in 3 panchayats of Thiruverambur block.

·                  Training of community members on child rights and their role in providing child protective environment.

·                  Conducted Child Safety Audit (CSA) in 3 panchayats and forwarded the findings to government officials.

Strategic Intervention framework

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Protection and Participation of Children

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